I make teapots, I have always enjoyed the challenge of manipulating the four elements to create the perfect form; It is like trying to solve a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Recently I have started to make ‘families’ – sets of up to eight or ten pieces which have all been thrown, turned, glazed and most importantly fired together. These are then shown together in groups of 2/3 and 5 so that the inherent variations produced by the firing are visible on the work.The commonalities and differences of form and colour become apparent because of the relationship of one to another within the group
This becomes reminiscent of tribes or genetic groups whom share features yet retain individuality, like people standing in line for a taxi. The sets also create a sculptural dialogue suggestive of architecture.  
I throw and turn my work in porcelain. I respond to its purity. The glazes that I use, Celadon, Sang de Boeuf and Flambe, are crisp and vibrant against the whiteness of the body. The handles are custom made for each piece using cane or rubber and silver... the collections are presented on Beech stands.
I believe it is important that the integrity of function and craftsmanship should be complemented by aesthetic considerations; consequently the ergonomics of each piece is potentially part of its beauty .